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A brief introduction to the work of the agency Service refers to the province, city (state), county (city, District, district) and provincial Economic Development Zone, the use of foreign investment and Investment Projects Agency Service Center (hereinafter referred to as the center) to assign special personnel (agent) for investment projects approved for...More>>


To seize the "State Council on further promoting the economic and social development of Guizhou and a number of major opportunities, to further expand opening to the outside world, increase investment, and actively attract investment, to encourage business investment, investment promotion, professional bidding, commissioned by the investment, orderly inve...More>>

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Organization nameInvestment phoneComplaints HotlineGovernment service phoneQiandongnan Investment Promotion Bureau0855-82756380855-82756390855-8220705Kaili City Bureau of foreign investment0855-80615520855-85797580855-8579795Danzhai county investment and Commerce Bureau0855-36953810855-36111320855-3617713Majiang county investment and Commerce Bureau0855-2...More>>


Qiandongnan is Beautiful, the original ecological intact, is a subtropical monsoon climate, winter is not too cold, summer without heat, rain heat in the same quarter, annual average temperature of 14 - 18.5 degrees Celsius, air negative oxygen ion content per cubic meter for 1200, 2000, 8 to 12 times the national average, world local culture protection f...More>>

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